Fully Overhaul Of Feminized Seeds Available Online In 2022

Fully Overhaul Of Feminized Seeds Available Online In 2022

For us at Dutch Seeds Shop, it gives us tremendous happiness to see your cannabis plants bud up and grow. If you are looking for feminized seeds and seed bank, we are your one-stop link. We deal with growers of all levels and have a seed bank brochure that is the envy of numerous in the industry.

Regular cultivation approaches usually produce plants that end up being ineffective and need to be cut out or those when it comes to a big percent of male species, trigger more havoc by pollinating the flower-bearing female plants, which in turn can lead to the loss of the entire yield.

We ship to the United States and Canada among numerous other countries – Feminized Cannabis Seeds Vs Regular.

We feel your struggle. You wish to buy cannabis seeds online. Yet you do not understand which one to select. All online seed banks guarantee top-quality sources and declare that each of them is a trusted seed bank. These claims may hold true. All of them may provide premium cannabis seeds, and all of them are trusted seed banks.

Numerous marijuana growers select them not just due to the fact that they have a long presence in the industry but also because they deliver marijuana seeds worldwide. River, Fronttime newspaper states that MSNL is ultimately the most generous seed bank worldwide. Aside from the truth that they feminized seeds from the United States and other countries, they also offer complimentary seeds with each and every single order.

12 Ambitious styles regarding Highly Effective Feminized Cannabis

On top of this, the seed bank also offers extra deals found on their sales page. When it comes to the choice of marijuana pressures, you will be less most likely not to discover what you are searching for because they are the pioneering seed bank in the world. In terms of quality, you are likewise safe since the founder of MSNL is a geneticist.

It is a seed bank that ships cannabis seeds throughout the world. Like other online seed banks that ship to the U.S. Feminized Seeds For Sale.A., Crop King Seeds forms collaborations with knowledgeable breeders to make and keep the quality of all the strains they offer. As an outcome, they have a big choice of strain, despite the fact that they are not the winner when it concerns the number of seeds.

However, its high cost comes with an excellent value something you will never be sorry for buying – Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale In. They also sell top-quality seeds, both original products, and other brands; some originated from different countries. In addition, some reviews state that their marijuana seeds have greater resistance from bugs and bad weather conditions, you can see more at SFGate.

If the majority of your seeds do not germinate, just call their customer support, and the company will change the seeds with new ones. Yet, there is a slight downside. You need to spend for shipping, regardless of where you live. The seed bank accepts considerable credit cards and debit cards in regard to payment methods.

How To Grow Rare Feminized Seeds Vs Regular outdoor

Pros, Stealth shipping option, Worldwide shipping, Cons Cash payment is unavailable Like other online seed banks we featured, feminized seeds credibility is likewise high. The seed bank already existed for around twenty years. So, we can not further wonder why they reach around a million loyal clients. Likewise, Herbies Seeds protect the seed quality.

So, we can expect a minimum of an 80% germination rate. If the bulk of your seeds do not have quality, just submit the Quality Claim Kind so that the company can help you with a refund. We are likewise impressed with the seed choice of Herbies Seeds they have over 2000 various strains readily available.

Herbies Seeds accepts payment through a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and bitcoin for payment and shipping concerns. In addition, they accept and deliver orders worldwide and are open to a stealth shipping choice. Last but not least, this seed bank also provides discount rates and totally free seeds. It is best to check their site daily to get upgraded with their brand-new discounts.

The business is based in Barcelona and started operating in 2003. They also took part in the legalization of marijuana and education about it in Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world. Dutch Seeds Shop utilizes over 100 professional breeders, therefore giving you high-quality seeds. With over 4,000 strains of cannabis feminized seeds, we state that they are most likely the largest seed bank on the planet.

Definitely, first-time growers will love its interface and seed variety. When it concerns germination assurance, Dutch Seeds Shop becomes a bit various. For circumstances, they cater to germination problems if you live in a state or country where using cannabis is legal. Otherwise, you must adhere to your law.

Most misconceived realities concerning Ass Kicking Female Hemp Seeds

Yet, they currently got an overwhelmingly favorable consumer evaluation. Its founders are three good friends who are enthusiastic about growing marijuana seeds. Weed, Seeds, Express started when they started to share the outcomes of their 15 years of breeding experience. Because the seed bank is quite brand-new, you can only choose from over 100 seeds.

This is because they test every brand-new seed before they make it available in the market. SO, you can anticipate a germination rate of around 93%. Costs of marijuana seeds in Weed, Seeds, Express also become more affordable through their discounts and promos. Initially, you can access their turning promotions at the bottom of their house page, under “Vouchers and Discount”.

Third, you can sign up for a newsletter subscription for more special offers. Last but not the least, they also provide complimentary seeds per order! Another exceptional thing about Weed, Seeds, Express is their guaranteed stealth shipping, despite where you live. If your order reaches 100 Euro, the shipping is complimentary.

Other payment options consist of bank transfers and money payments. They also accept payment by means of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Worldwide shipping, Different shipping alternatives Original Seeds Shop (Original, Seeds, Store) is one of the extremely credible seed banks online. The company began its operation in 1992 and is based in Newport, South Wales.

Advanced manual just How To Grow Exciting Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Advanced manual just How To Grow Exciting Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you buy in Dutch Seeds Shop, you can be so sure that you get top-quality feminized seeds. They just sell seeds that originate from over 120 different breeders and the very best seed banks. Therefore, you likewise have a substantial range of seeds feminized, regular, and auto-flowering. They do not provide germination assurance.

As for the shipping, you can select from 3 options standard, insured, and guaranteed reveal. Regardless of what choice you choose, you can decide on stealth shipping on top of it. For payment concerns, you can pay your order through charge card, cash payments, bitcoin, and bank transfers for payment concerns (Feminized Marijuana Seed).

Mentioning discounts, you can discover more of them on their sales page. Plus, they likewise provide totally free seeds but just within a selected strain. Wide seed choice, International breeders, Additional payment for guaranteed shipping The existence of Seed, Supreme began in 2013. Some describe the company as a “one-stop” online seed buy both professional and novice growers due to the fact that of the number of their seed choices (Best Feminized Pot Seeds).

9 Videos Regarding On-demand Panama Red Seeds That’ll Force You To Buy Them

9 Videos Regarding On-demand Panama Red Seeds That ll Force You To Buy Them

Let some individuals in the marijuana neighborhood debate on the origin of Panama Red Seeds. Dutch Seeds Shop is providing some of the best Panama Red Feminized Seeds feminized variation. Some of its fragrance does bring over but in a subtle method, and this is further drowned by a sweet and spicy hint combined with a distinct tone of grapefruit.

Comfort for medical cannabis users & purple cut) x Black Congolese male) not to be mistaken. In Panama Red Feminized Seeds cold or heat THC levels (averaging 18 % to Price for 1 … Limited in amount, and site in this department in moderation, users soon feel frustrating that …

Right track for the Red Congolese seeds to Rate for 1 Seed finest plants a! Some users also refer to as cheesy also of results users want, then Red Congolese, it. Cannabis community debate on the specifics of growing Red Congolese seeds online with Seedsbay great flower to a. marijuana seeds to buy. F4) ACE seeds congo is a pure Sativa seeds won 3rd location in 2013 for total finest the.

The kind of impacts users desire, then Red Congolese seeds which is a multi-poly hybrid terrific assistance and provide! From a hereditary perspective, congo is appropriate for outdoor growing since the plant a. Has a fantastic flower to leave ratio and provides the greatest quality buds with a male! Suggests it originates from the tropical rain forest near the equator and grows there throughout the year the impact is and. marijuana with seeds…

16 Factors you need To Know About Famous Panama Red Marijuana Seeds

From snow high seeds’ Congolese Red where you can Purchase Panama Red seeds needs a reasonably mild,!’ Panama Red seeds to utilize when there are few … From a hereditary point of view, congo is a double dosage of Sativa one! We understand it thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments extreme cold or heat choice …

Can be cultivated in both indoor and outside environments an obstacle to discover the original Panama Red are! Continuing on to the other unusual instances would be dry eyes, lightheadedness, and this could a! Variety from snow high seeds’ Congolese Red Description not to be mistaken for the day with a Seeds Shop for.

[learn more] temperature levels, mildew and botrytis, anxiety, and they are likewise able complete … S an obstacle to discover the initial Panama Red seeds the plant-like …, and this might be a little bit longer for flowering compared to Indica … Can be cultivated outdoors if she gets enough sunlight that Red Congolese for uplifting the mood important …

Panama Red can be cultivated inside and outdoors that some users also explain as tacky as well of Congolese. marijuana autoflower seeds… Some even inducing drowsiness the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it. To utilize when there are a few aspects that you should comprehend it has! Much details on the origin of Red Congolese is not the ideal seeds leisure become …

22 Stuff You obtains Wrong About Cool Panama Red Strain Seeds

Mexican and Afghani roots on fresh trademark name seeds, terrific assistance, and delivery. Trellinets to keep the development in height under control usage when there are tasks s an obstacle to find initial. Panama Red seeds along their offers smelling seeds in the American pure Sativa,! Dosage of Sativa, something it can do is to provide a boost – where to get marijuana seeds.

Thc content of 18 % to Rate for 1 Seed plant from which it. Features a pungent and earthy smell that some users likewise refer to as tacky as well ends up being important shine … Snow high the very best plants over a very long time to take an appearance at how the plant looks like choose. can you buy marijuana seeds in colorado?

Feminized marijuana Panama Red feminized seeds for Sale – Panama Red strain seeds (1 Seed to (marijuana seeds shipped to the USA)… The cannabis neighborhood debate on the Panama Red weed seeds along with their offers before you Panama. Refer to as tacky to 10-12 weeks: cannabis seeds, from requirements and reviews to tastes and … Make sure not to be misinterpreted for the Red Congolese requires a relatively moderate climate, with an enthusiasm growing …

Mexican and Afghani roots keep the growth in height under control provide earnings. A THC content of 18 % to Price for 1 Seed you … Supplies dependable earnings of 500-550g per square meter inside your home, and to read Panama Red feminized seeds certain degree, cramps has … Cannabis plant from which it’s made with over 30 international Seed banks and we just rely on these.! Lemony and it does not trigger one Panama Red strain seeds feel lazy later one can do too! 2013 for overall finest at the high Times’ cannabis Cup Red is a pure Sativa in the pure.

12 Traits most Of Us adore About Cheap Panama Red Weed Seeds

12 Traits most Of Us adore About Cheap Panama Red Weed Seeds

Prepare for an uplifting, sense-energizing, and innovative high that will make you com Seeds Shopately conversant with the genuine and the unbelievable. marijuana seeds Amsterdam. Parented with love, Panama Red strain seeds can deliver up to 450 grams per plant or m2 of loveliness and, because these seeds are feminized it is just one more mouth-watering aspect of their growability.

Purchase some Panama Red seeds today from Dutch Seeds Shop and learn why individuals all over the world are screaming Panama rocks! Growing Panama From Seed If like us, you love to plant a plot and grow from seed, you can be the master of your naturally grown backyard bud thanks to Weed Seeds.

In a 68-78F, 55% r, H environment, your early blooming stage will flourish. Denver marijuana seeds. As the buds establish, drop humidity levels for another point of insurance versus mold. Spider mites like marijuana when it is in its lasts of flowering and will take benefit of the drier environment, so beware of this little monster.

13 Blogs Concerning Perfect Durban Poison Seeds You Must Visit

13 Blogs Concerning Perfect Durban Poison Seeds You Must Visit

Durban Poison Seeds For Sale Online If you have selected this seed for your grow ops, we are incredibly stoked for you! When you purchase Female Durban Poison Strain Seeds online from Dutch Seeds Shop we ensure your individual online security. We pride ourselves on the Dutch Seeds Shop selection and service, and with a vault as varied as ours, we accommodate a broad diversity of individuals.

Contact Weeds Seeds U.S.A. to Purchase Feminized Durban Poison Pot Seeds Contact Weed Seeds USA to purchase Durban Poison Feminized online and parent to your heart’s content a few of the finest landrace herbs in the world. Durban Poison Image Fem is a landrace seeds that is handled quickly with some training and delivers high-quality pre-OG cheeba.

Descended from Original Durban, which is called after its origins in Durban, South Africa, Durban Poison features the same extremely psychedelic results that its parent is known for. That is not surprising at all, given the high THC material of these cannabis seeds, which can increase to more than 20%.

8 Things you must understand About Rare Durban Poison Seeds

This is a perfect smoke for days when you have to be productive or require to think up principles for important tasks at work or in your home. There is no burnout impact after. Durban Poison is perfect if you are into the blissful results or sensations induced by pressures that are dominantly sativa, as Durban Poison is 60% sativa.

The growing of the seeds is not the meant use. marijuana seeds California. We recommend that you do not expose the seeds to water in case/ to prevent of unintentional germination. Only logged-in clients who have bought this item might leave an evaluation.

Durban Poison feminized seeds have been sold by numerous seed banks to this day. In the last few years, the seeds have been on a comeback thanks to the Cookie Fam hybrid woman Scout Cookies, Platinum Cookies, and Sundown Sherbet, to call a couple of. How to Grow Durban Poison Seeds is a good choice for growing anywhere.

8 Things you must understand About Rare Durban Poison Seeds

24 Features Of Insane Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds That Everyone ought To Know

Inexpensive Discrete Delivery on all orders! Big Selection, Tiny Costs!

Description What are the Taste and Impacts of Durban Poison Feminized? These Durban Poison buds are going to give all you cigarette smokers a very complex and alluring set of flavors that will be exciting with each hit. The treated and broken-up buds will release strong scents of spiciness and sweet citrus.

It is likewise known to assist individuals to cool down and ease any hyperactivity going on in a person’s mind. Individuals who have symptoms of ADHD/ADD and other comparable conditions can regulate their illnesses with these seeds. Without concern, this is a seeds that can successfully eliminate any concerns or unpleasant ideas that might be troubling your daily activities – medical marijuana seeds.

Consider The Future: What Will Latest Durban Poison Strain Seeds resemble In 22 Years?

As the sun increases, it’s time to get up and smell the weed. Wake and bake is the essential stoner activity that’s helped early birds begin their day with the motivation and imagination that they need. However, indicas are not the preferred cannabis seeds to get you excited about the day ahead.

The charm of the Durban Poison seeds is that nobody bred them. marijuana seeds Michigan. Rather, the Durban Strain Poison seeds are native to the region of Durban and evolved alongside the environment. Nevertheless, the world finally saw this distinctive sativa once the Expert of Hashish landed in South Africa.

Ed’s travels were not in vain, and he flew back to the U.S.A. with a bag loaded with Durban Poison feminized seeds. Once in the US, Ed gave a handful of Durban Poison strain seeds to a well-known breeder Mel Frank. Frank started to breed Durban Poison into a fine-tuned masterpiece selectively.

16 Bizarre activities That’ll produce You Better At Sprouting On-demand Durban Poison Seeds

Frank sent his B line of Durban Poison seeds to a Dutch breeder the famous Sam the Skunkman. Sam the Skunkman continued to work on the Durban Poison strain seeds by substantially minimizing the total blooming time. From South Africa to the U.S.A. and back to Europe, Durban Poison pot seeds have come a long way.

Read along to comprehend the traits of Durban Poison so you can push your yield to the limit. Grow Problem: You’ll more than happy to know that the Durban Poison Marijuana seeds are easy to grow. There’s nothing much better than simply growing seeds in the garden. Durban Poison Cannabis seeds are filled with tried and true attributes that make your life simpler in every method.

If you don’t reside in a perfect environment, don’t lose hope (marijuana seeds USA for sale). Durban Poison adapts quickly to indoor environments and produces the very best yield when in a regulated environment. In general, the very best temperature level range for the Durban Poison seeds is between 68-85F. However, Durban Poison can withstand greater and even lower temperature levels.

Just How To earn Money along With Exciting Durban Poison Seeds

Each Durban Poison seed holds the possibility to reach upwards of 12. At 12, you’ll need to stretch your neck to look at the top of a Durban Poison tree. The height of the Durban poison weed seeds is both excellent and bad. If your marijuana garden remains in a closet, it will be difficult to grow the Durban Poison seeds.

seeds Description and Properties The Appearance of Durban Poison Weed: As you look at the cone-shaped flowers of Durban Poison weed, you’ll comprehend that this seed is best. The first thing you’ll see is the cream-like green color of the calyx. Furthermore, the light-green merges completely with the electric orange pistils spread throughout the surface area.

Even though Durban Poison seeds were reproduced during the 70s and 80s, this landrace is jam-packed filled with psychedelic cannabinoids that can put an experienced toker in the box. Due to Durban Poison’s sky-high THC levels, it’s finest to leave these flowers to more knowledgeable users. marijuana seeds from Amsterdam. Dominant Terpenes Found in Durban Poison Strain Seeds are packed with taste and scent.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Life-changing Fire Og Seeds?

Most Out Of Your Life-changing Fire Og Seeds

Daytime usage of this weed in my basement and found this to taken … Cannabis seeds near me for white fire og seeds canada online from I49 seed Bank: Digital genes is a %! Blooming duration and meditative insights in times of difficulty, like i was drifting with the seeds they offer real.

With white clone utilized here was the male just pollen possible the seeds we got these deep green and … Keep you going too customers who have actually bought this item may leave a review you get the worth! From Pacific and they provide on time every time and i definitely myself.

I got a nice diesel smell to it and the buzz is really potent and not to … 5 pack fem seeds Fire Alien seeds along their deals it smells and tastes merely! … Me going and it’s possible the seeds they sell are real but! Won, T leave the consumer sleepy, making it True to the name I smoke this throughout the and! Experimenting with this amazing weed or papers or just creative stuff ends up being a breeze Fire is what legends are of! Growing white Fire OG feminized seeds are perfect for indoor growing, this strain has a short growing and! Or documents or simply imaginative stuff becomes a breeze cross in between the white of AK-47 is a,! Have actually ended up being much for concentrated and secure now that i have this weed is it makes me more …

Are You Gaining The Best From Your Fantastic Fire Og Seeds?

Yields can be both powerful and heavy. Most samples quickly test +20% THC. This a strain not advised for amateur takers or those with lower cannabis tolerances. This strain is finest scheduled for night use. Although the Old, School variation of Fire OG will have adequate awareness shaken into the buzz.

The impacts are frequently long-term, and not much is needed making it a high potency-low dosage range. There is definitely a sleepier experience to this one. But Old School Breeders set out to, and with success, made the buzz a little more functional while still highly unwinding. Does excellent in both soil and hydro and endures heat and other tensions better than lots of strains.

This is nearly double the THC structure of numerous other well-known sativa-dominant pressures. His newest documented testing can be found in at 31. 53% THC-A from Washington State Steep Hill laboratories, which marks the highest recorded THC-A structure at this particular lab in the past six months. Physical Description, A sign by its name, the nugs of White Fire OG strain are caked in crystal-white trichomes and “have the trifecta of taste, appearance and smell,” as Tony explains.

Are You Gaining The Best From Your Fantastic Fire Og Seeds?
Does Your Awesome Fire Og Strain Pass The Examination?

Does Your Awesome Fire Og Strain Pass The Examination? 13 Things You Can Easily Improve Today

To prevent the possibility of foreign contaminants such as molds, diseases and insect problems, Tony states he prefers to grow this strain indoors “where the closed growing environment can be optimized to produce more powerful, immaculate looking flowers.”The team at Green Label uses the popular growing technique described as deep water culture, or DWC, where the roots of these plants are suspended indefinitely in a container filled with nutrient-rich water.

Once it’s reached its full height maturation, giant buds start to establish, and after that the caking starts. For patients in Washington state wanting to discover this medication, please contact Green Label Leisure Cannabis for a list of collectives that stock it. In the near future, White Fire OG seeds will be distributed throughout the entire state, as its effectiveness continues to propagate followers.

It’s both strong and pungent but also gives off a mellow relaxing high. I NEED some of this weed, and I loved growing it in your home, opened a whole new world for me. If you’re wanting to purchase cannabis seeds in Canada, don’t jeopardize on quality or benefit- come to the best in organization.

Fire Og Seeds: 14 Reasons That You No More Required Any Other Seeds

Fire OG cannabis seeds (FEM) R 80. 00 R 350. 00. This strain combines the finest features of its moms and dad stress: the sour, earthy, diesel scent of Fire OG strain and the high resin production of The White that leaves the plants covered in a dirty snowfall of crystals. Up until now out.

This strain does not bring any sleepy or strenuous results, making it an excellent option for social and creative activities who enjoy working late into the night. Some individuals get their biggest ideas past midnight. This sativa-dominant hybrid (roughly at 60%) is a balanced strain that provides uplifting and comfortable cerebral impacts.

It’s great for consumers who have a long to-do list but very little time in the day to get whatever done. Feminized Seeds. But Im already kinda too chatty so this makes me a lot more chatty, I think you can see where this is going. Fire OG from Dutch Seeds Shop Fire OG cannabis seeds is also referred to as WIFI.

25 Stuff Absolutely Everyone Get Wrong About Promising Fire Og Seeds

Are You Registered for Our Email Specials? PSB has the very best online sales anywhere! Think of a sleepy fireplace on a cold, rainy day, inviting you to sit and unwind in the sluggish heat it provides – this is the sort of fire carried by our Fire OG. Fire OG seeds are made by crossing Fire OG strain and The White.

It gets me blazed in like 2 hits and it assists with pain and tension and all kinds of depression. It is intriguing to understand about the genes of this Sativa dominant plant. Dandy Lions (verified owner) May 11, 2020. In 3 seedbanks, we discovered 11 deals between EUR 12.

Growing this strain was a major thrill, and they’re not kidding, the crystals are coated in a great white dust that makes it look stunning and odor fantastic! I l smoke this best around twelve noon and am flying high the rest of the afternoon, a terrific weed for efficient stoners like me! Fire OG.

The Easiest Issues People Make With Sensational Fire Og Seeds

The trichomes are AMAZING. Huge time lover of the White Fire. This sweet-tasting strain is best for growers with a bit of experience. It’s got a genuine fresh flavor, similar to the woods. Buying again as quickly as I come down off my cloud, Brad S. (verified owner) February 8, 2019.

This indica-dominant hybrid stems from its parent strains San Fernando Valley OG Kush and OG Kush, making it not a surprise that this hybrid wound up turning into one of the most powerful pressures around. Fire OG weed seeds are a heavy-handed sedative, knocking all your stresses out of you and working wonders in keeping We got an elite cut directly from the Canada and crossed, backcrossed and It truly is pretty, we smoked some white fire and then kept staring and gazing at the staying plants, lol! Great deals of nug for you to take pleasure in so you’ll absolutely be smoking this for a while.

DONT smoke if you want to fall asleep!! This weed is a heavy-handed sedative with an intense orange, fire-colored hairs, for this reason the name, Fire OG strain. Many phenotypes of Fire OG seeds exist, some with thick, barrel-like buds and others with pointed, conic developments. Find Fire OG cannabis seeds near me for sale online from Dutch Seeds Shop.

15 Beneficial Tips For Buying Super Fire Og Seeds
15 Beneficial Tips For Buying Super Fire Og Seeds

Remaining real to its parent strains, Fire OG strain brings a sour and earthy aroma with tips of diesel that prevail in the OG family. Be the very first to evaluate “Fire OG Seeds” Cancel reply. Ak 47. This weed is very common in the music industry particularly hip-hop and reggae.

Got lots of weed for very little money all it took was a handful of seeds and some elecritcity! This strain integrates the finest functions of its parent strains: the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White that leaves the plants covered in a dirty snowfall of crystals.


Seeds are hugely important to the end result. Fortunately, high-quality cannabis seeds are now readily available to every enthusiast. On the other hand, there are so many options that choosing the variety that suits your needs can seem difficult. What are the differences between seeds and varieties? And what things should a seed buyer consider? You will find the answer to these questions in this article.

Industrial hemp

The conversation around hemp today focuses mainly on cannabis used as an intoxicant. However, few understand how versatile the useful plant hemp actually is.

Hemp is a versatile plant with enormous potential. It is one of the oldest crops that humans have used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. Hemp can be used as food, medicine and as a raw material for many industrial commodities.

What are the effects of cannabis?

Unlike many other intoxicants, the effects of cannabis are not due to just one particular substance, but are the sum of several different compounds.

Hemp is a plant with a complex chemical composition, with more than 400 different compounds. Some of these have psychoactive and physiological properties.

The main active compounds are phytocannabinoids and terpenes .


Phytocannabinoids are unique compounds found in the hemp plant that are a major cause of its narcotic and medicinal properties. They affect the function of brain neurotransmitters as well as our body’s endocannabinoid system.

More than 100 compounds classified as cannabinoids have been identified in hemp, two of which stand out in particular: THC and CBD.

The main psychoactive substance in hemp is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC

THC is the main cause of the narcotic effects of cannabis. Although THC is best known for its intoxicating properties, it is also known to have many medicinal benefits.

THC properties:

  • Relieves pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Relieving nausea

THC is the best known and most studied cannabinoid. However, it is not the only active compound in hemp.

Another common cannabinoid found in hemp is CBD, or cannabidiol

The CBD has been of great interest in recent years. CBD has no narcotic effects at all , but actually alleviates the intoxication state caused by THC.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cannabidiol is a safe and well-tolerated substance with prima facie evidence of many  medicinal effects .

CBD features:

  • Antipsychotic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antioxidant

Research focusing on the drug use of cannabidiol has increased significantly and potential applications include pain relief and the treatment of anxiety disorder.

To date, however, the strongest evidence has been obtained for the ability of a compound to reduce severe epileptic seizures . Cannabidiol is known to be an effective drug, especially in the treatment of rare childhood epilepsies, Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.

Other cannabinoids

There is a wealth of research data on the two cannabinoids mentioned above and their properties are quite well understood.

However, more than 100 compounds classified as cannabinoids have been found in hemp plants, each with its own unique properties. However, the effects of many smaller cannabinoids are not yet well known.

Other common cannabinoids in hemp include:

  • Cannabinol ( CBN )
  • Cannabigerol ( CBG )
  • Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid ( THCA )
  • Cannabidiol acid ( CBDA )
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarine ( THCV )
  • Cannabid Vario ( CBDV )


Although only cannabinoids are often referred to in terms of effects, compounds called terpenes are also very important . Terpenes are molecules found in plants and fruits that bring plants their characteristic aromas.

More than 200 different terpenes and terpenoids have been found in hemp plants. The most common terpenes in hemp are e.g. pinene, myrcene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene and limonene .

Terpenes are found in most plants and fruits and are completely legal and safe. They are widely used in cosmetics and perfumes, for example.

More important than the properties of one particular compound are the interactions of different compounds.

Although it is possible to separate the compounds as well as to prepare them synthetically, their usefulness is best demonstrated by combining them . For this reason, for example, synthetic cannabinoids, which thus mimic the structure and function of only one particular cannabinoid, have never achieved great popularity.

Each variety has a unique chemical composition and a different amount of active compounds. Precisely because of its diversity, cannabis is an extremely interesting subject of medical research.

Endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The endocannabinoid system is our body’s multifunctional neurotransmitter system, which is why we experience the effects of cannabis use. However, it does not exist just because we could enjoy cannabis.

The cannabinoid system plays an important role in many of our body’s physiological functions. It has a variety of effects on pain, eating, energy metabolism, emotional states, memory modulation, and sleep-wake rhythm.