About Us

Genesis West is a site founded in 2018 that aims to provide up-to-date objective information on hemp and cannabis.

The webmasters have more than ten years of extensive experience with hemp. Over the years, we have spent countless hours on various projects as well as literature and research in the field.

Now we want to share the information we have taken along with others who are interested in the topic.

On the site you will find information including:

  • Basic information on hemp and cannabis use – both benefits and risks
  • About hemp cultivation – techniques and supplies
  • About the most popular vaporizers and their features

We actively follow the latest trends in the industry as well as scientific publications and strive to constantly update the site for the better.

However, we are not perfect and we do not know everything. If you see factual errors on the site or want to share your constructive feedback, you can contact us by sending a message to: [email protected]